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Appendix E
Significant Natural Areas

NB – Appendix E and related Rules had immediate legal effect under Section 86B (3) of the Act from the date of public notification of the proposed plan.

ADVISORY NOTE: The boundaries of each site listed below are shown on the individual maps on the pages after the table

ADVISORY NOTE: As at 29 August 2014, sites recorded with an (*) alongside them have not had field inspections and ecological assessments completed to assess and, where necessary, correct details of the relevant SNA records and planning maps that are presented in the District Plan. Regardless of this, the rules in Rule 14.4 still apply in all circumstances.

ADVISORY NOTE: In cases where SNAs have been mapped but not based on field survey and individual site assessment as part of the establishment of the inventory for Appendix E, the Council will consider funding to carry out an ecological survey at the time that resource consent is being applied for, prior to determining whether a resource consent is required for any proposed works affecting a SNA.


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