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All of the maps included with the Proposed District Plan can be read with Adobe PDF Reader. The reader is free downloadable software, compatible with almost all web browsers.

Page NavigatorIn the bottom right corner of every PDF map, there is a navigation tool. You can click on page numbers to open any of the maps that are adjacent to the one you are currently viewing.



Map Legends and Grid Maps

The following legends are used within the District Plan maps.

Zoning Map Symbols

Zone Map Symbols

Zoning Map Area Colours

Zone Map Area Colours

Natural Value Overlay Symbols

NVO Symbols

Noise Control Boundary Symbols

Noise Control Boundary Symbols

Select Maps

Zoning Maps

To select a zoning map of the district, click here.

Rural Maps Putaruru Tokoroa Arapuni
Zone 1 Zone 18 Zone 25 Zone 39
Zone 2 Zone 19 Zone 26 Zone 40
Zone 3 Zone 20 Zone 27 Zone 41
Zone 4 Zone 21 Zone 28  
Zone 5 Zone 22 Zone 29 Puketurua
Zone 6 Zone 23 Zone 30 Zone 42
Zone 7 Zone 24 Zone 31  
Zone 8   Zone 32 Airport
Zone 9 Tirau Zone 33 Zone 44
Zone 10 Zone 17 Zone 34  
Zone 11   Zone 35  
Zone 12 Kinleith Zone 36  
Zone 13 Zone 43 Zone 37  
Zone 14   Zone 38  
Zone 15      
Zone 16      

Natural Value Overlay Maps

To select a NVO of the district, click here.

NVO 1 NVO 5 NVO 9 NVO 13
NVO 2 NVO 6 NVO 10 NVO 14
NVO 3 NVO 7 NVO 11 NVO 15
NVO 4 NVO 8 NVO 12 NVO 16
NVO 39 NVO 40 NVO 41  

Note: The NVO map numbers correspond to the same regions as the zoning maps. However not all zones above have Natural Values Overlays which is why the maps are not sequential in number.

Noise Control Boundary Maps

As per Chapter 15 (Noise, Vibration and Glare)

Significant Natural Area Maps

Please see Appendix E - Significant Natural Areas for a link to SNA maps.

Shaping the South Waikato

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