South Waikato District Plan

Public Notice

Changes to the South Waikato District Plan

Pursuant to Section 58I 3)e) of the Resource Management Act 1991, he South Waikato District Council hereby gives public notice that on 31 January 2024 it resolved to amend the South Waikato District Plan as required by Clause 17(4) of the National Planning Standards 2019 (NPS) to comply with the following planning standards: 1. Foundation, 4. District plan structure, 6. Introduction and general provisions, 7. District-wide matters, 8. Zone framework, 9. Designations, 10. Format, 12. District spatial layers, 13. Mapping, 15. Noise and vibration metrics.

The amendment consists of entirely replacing Volumes 1 and 2 of the Plan with documents in a different format and Chapter structure, and using different standard definitions. The effect and wording of the Plan rules and policies and objectives are unchanged. The Planning Maps are amended to reflect the new Zone names and standard colours and symbols required by the NPS.

Please contact Patrick McHardy, Senior Planner with any questions on (07) 8850785.

S Law
Chief Executive
South Waikato District Council

2 February 2024