South Waikato District Plan

APP1-Built Heritage Inventory of Heritage Sites In SCHED1-HH

SCHED1- HH – Historic Heritage

Built Heritage Inventory Record Page Reference

HH-01: Arapuni Suspension Bridge
HH-02: Arapuni Power House
HH-03: Arapuni Dam
HH-04: Bake House – Dairy
HH-05: Skimming Factory
HH-06: Lichfield Water Tower
HH-07: Vintage Car Club Building
HH-08: Okoroire Hot Springs Golf Club Pavilion
HH-09: Main Estate Woolshed
HH-10: Main Estate Stables
HH-11: Stone Kitchen
HH-12: Stone House and Stone Outbuildings
HH-13: Stone House and Stone Garage
HH-14: District Council Office and Library
HH-15: Stone House
HH-16: Stone House 85 Tirau Street Putāruru
HH-17: Stone House 87 Tirau Street Putāruru
HH-18: Putāruru Courthouse
HH-19: Assembly Of God Church
HH-20: Okoroire Hot Springs Hotel
HH-21: Okoroire Hot Springs Hotel – Staff Accommodation
HH-22: House (Formerly Raparahi Hotel)
HH-23: Waotu-Puketurua Play Centre Building
HH-24: Hodderville Homestead, Boys’ Home And Training Farm (Front Part Of Main T-Building Only)
HH-25: The Marble Monument on Heteri
HH-26: Water Tower - Ngatira
HH-27: Walsh Rhyolite House
HH-28A: Lower Crimp Tram Tunnel
HH-28B: Tunnel Road – Western Tram Tunnel
HH-28C: Tunnel Road – Eastern Tram Tunnel
HH-29: Drover's Trough
HH-30: Barnett Homestead
HH-31: Te Waotu Post Office - Telegraph Office
HH-32: Putāruru Post Office
HH-33: Water Tower - Prospect Avenue
HH-34: Motai Niu Pole (T15/193)
HH-35: Stockmans Hut
HH-36: Te Whetu School / Tokoroa Red Cross Hall
HH-37: BNZ Bank - Putāruru
HH-38: Putāruru Hotel
HH-39: Woodstock Homestead and Farm Complex
HH-40: WDFF Building, Putāruru
HH-41: Tirau Hotel (Oxford Royal Hotel)